Use Virtual Audience to Boost Engagement level by 300%

Use Virtual Audience to
Engagement level by 300%

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Turn any web broadcast, 2nd screen app, OTT TV service or even text articles to a revolutionaly interactive Venue
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Real-time audience visualization on any screen
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Expression of emotions using life-like human gestures
Personalized audience view for an enriched social experience

About Us

Vodience (virtual audience) is a mass-crowd visualization engine which reflects, in real-time, web and TV viewers who simultaneously consume the same digital content.

Vodience can be used as a graphic HTML plug-in, accompanying web and TV broadcasts. It can be also added to existing 2nd screen applications or as a standalone app which runs on mobile devices, STBs and smart TVs.

Vodience allows each viewer/user who enters a broadcast to choose a virtual identity that will represent him in the cowd, make human animated gestures, post messages, navigate through the crowd's "seating sections", explore and interact with other individuals and determine his own personalized crowd view.

This new interactive feature-set, deriving from the crowd visualization, creates an energetic background activity and a unique live-audience experience which dramatically increase the viewers' content consumption time and general engagement. For TV operators it is an efficient tool for churn reduction and subscription retention.

Vodience's arena is designed to be fully branded and therefore can be sold to advertisers and sponsors as a new real-estate. Vodience has proven to be a great platform for creating new revenue streams for the content publishers.


Vodience can be plugged-in to any content on any screen. Whether you are a TV broadcaster, web publisher, TV operator, B2C 2nd screen application, 2nd screen development companies, sport club or any other content owner – use Vodience to boost your consumers' experience

Vodience for Live Online Streaming

Vodience virtual arena is perfect for live online streaming as it fully utilizes the great combination of live video content and the natural interactive environment of the web. Web publishers and web portals who own broadcasting rights of sports, music and reality events can simply wrap their stream with Vodience's virtual crowd and consequently enjoy a dramatic increase in their viewer's engagement level and average viewing time.

Web publishers can easily monetize Vodience virtual arena by allowing sponsors to brand the whole arena or partial components of it, including the using branded characters as the actual crowd or special gestures which relate to the brand.

Vodience for 2nd Screen Apps

Although there is an extensive variety of existing applications and social plug-ins, it is a well known fact that today the 2nd screen industry has come to a certain halt as most apps suffer from a great deal of similarity in terms of feature set, concept and user experience. The existing 2nd screen offering can be categorized to merely 3 basic features: (i) writing comments/social chatting, (ii) participating in polls and voting widgets, and (iii) providing complementary information on the content.

Vodience disrupt this traditional offering by adding a whole new feature set which derive from its crowd visualization concept. Vodience can be easily added to any existing 2nd screen app and enhance its traction and engaging performance dramatically.

The Vodience team has put a great effort in its product design in order to easily integrate with any kind of an existing 2nd screen application with almost no special effort from the application developers.

Vodience for STB and SmartTV

a unique, immersive 1st screen experience!

Vodience have already proven it can double and even triple the viewers' average spending time and also dramatically increase their engagement level. Still, the actual activity of the virtual audience has been occurring on the companion device of the viewers, providing (an enhanced, but still) a traditional 2nd screen experience.

In "Vodience on TV" – Vodience's engine runs on a STB/SmartTV and displays the viewer's avatar on the TV itself, while letting him to control his avatar via his companion device. In that way, the user only uses his companion device to conveniently activate his avatar, while all of the visualized crowd activities and interactions are being displayed on TV, forcing the user's eyes to stay on the primary screen!

Vodience on TV might be a real disruption to OTT TV operators and broadcasters over the simple 2nd screen experience!

Vodience for Text Articles

Many web portals cover sport and reality topics but lack the broadcasting rights to stream them to their large audience (mostly sport portals).

For these portals, Vodience has developed a special virtual arena which can be embedded within text articles, such as pre-game and live "minute-by-minute" text feeds.

The Virtual Arena for Text Articles is not just an innovative interactive tool which captivates the readers and keeps them stay on the content page for much longer. It is also a great monetization tool, allowing the publisher to sell the arena to advertisers and sponsors as a new "real estate".

Vodience commercial deployments shows it can double and sometimes even triple the click ratio (CPC) of a sponsor's direct sale button in the arena and in general can significantly improve the digital campaign of the sponsor.